How to find a good day care center for you dog

If you are a dog owner and lover, but you work long hours, you may feel very guilty of having a dog. Dogs require a lot of care and attention and if you cannot devote enough time to them, you could come home to a house full of destruction and an unhappy pet. If you want to have a dog, but do not have the hours in the week to give them the care they need, you should consider doggy day care. Or, alternatively, waiting on a pet until you have the time. The responsibilities of owning a dog or cat is always the one that is underestimated before adoption. Always keep that in mind!

an image of a dog at Alpha Doggy PlayCareDog daycare is exactly how it sounds. You drop your dog out of your way to work and then pick it up on your way home. While working at your job, your dog will live in luxury; play with other dogs and staff at the daycare, and get special treats such as grooming and nail clipping. Actual activities your dog will participate on a daily basis vary depending on the individual day care you choose, but in general these doggy daycare centers have a program that is full of fun for your dog.

How to find a good day care center for you dog

You must ensure that the daycare owner screens all incoming dogs to ensure they are current up to date on vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. This is common practice in most dog day cares, but it never hurts to check. You do not want your dog to become infected at daycare.

Most dog daycare will walk your canine during the stay of your dog to give him some exercise. When your dog is not walked, it will probably be in a playground with other dogs. This can provide much needed socialization for your dog. Canines that are well socialized are less likely to be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. You should make sure to confirm that your dog will be supervised by a staff member at all times and not left unattended. Although the fights are rare in dog daycare (canines that show signs of aggression toward other dogs or strangers are not generally accepted), it is good to know that your dog is in good hands at all times like with the guys at who take the best care of your dogs.

Private daycare sitter

You may want to look into a private sitter for your pup that can come to your home to supervise your pet. Private sitters can be more expensive, and your pup loses on socialization with other dogs, but a private sitter allows your dog to get the human touch while you are away and you will have someone on hand in case of emergency.

If your dog has problems with other dogs be it aggression or shyness, you might prefer a private sitter so your dog should not be around other dogs. If you think your dog is lonely while you’re at work, you might want to look a private sitter can come and check on your dog every day and play with him. If you go on vacation and need someone to watch your dog, a private sitter allows your pup to rest in the comfort of their own home while being fed, given water and checked.