How Building Inspections Save You Money

Before purchasing a house, it is extremely crucial to conduct building inspections. This can very well save a lot of your money by being a little careful. When you have planned a budget for purchasing a house, you should ensure that you invest your hard-earned money very tactfully. The ultimate goal of conducting a building inspection is to determine the structural issues and hidden costs associated with the structure. A professional building inspection report helps you judge the factors which may affect your purchase. You should preferably hire an experienced property lawyer who may rightly guide you in making a judicious buying decision by determining the building inspection report. This may help in clarifying the various legal issues.

Role of a building inspector

A professional building inspector should have the desired qualifications and the much valuable experience in the building industry. He should preferably be a licensed builder and have spent considerable time in the building industry. Full professional indemnity is a must in a professional building inspector.

A professional building inspector is responsible for conducting thorough study on the following premises:

  • The structural condition is the very first thing to be determined. Both the exterior and the interior of the building are to be thoroughly determined.
  • The building defects are to be found out. If there is any part of the building which requires repair or maintenance, those should be pointed out by the building inspector.
  • The roofing is to be well-checked. It should be carefully determined whether there are leaks in internal or external roof.
  • The walls are to be checked. The leaks, tiles and physical damage are to be checked by the building inspector.
  • The site’s condition is to be thoroughly checked like the drainage system fencing and ventilation.

The home buyers may also request for thorough investigation on various other matters like the following:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Electricity wiring
  • Condition of the electrical switches Plumbing

The above mentioned issues in the buildings may be quite expensive. So, the purchasers should seriously make it a point to check all the above parameters to be on a safer side. All these cannot be managed on the purchaser’s end personally. Thus, it is extremely crucial to hire a professional building inspector to reduce the risks of buying a house.

The building report generated by a building inspector

The building report have a format in different countries. Depending on the location of the property, the format has to be followed in order to generate a proper building report. The reports are expected to very pin-pointedly identify the major areas of concern and give a very clear picture of the concerned premises. This can help the purchasers in determining the exact value of the property. The rooms of negotiations can also be pointed out after having a clear cut building inspection report.

The building report will not provide:

  • Cost estimate of the works that are required for fixing the identified issues
    The termite issues
  • Minor defects are not supposed to be included in the building report